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Week 5

Now I have added some more information to my output, like the dimensions of the shape to be built, and I’ve made the sentence templates more varied. I’ve also figured out how to determine where in space the current shape is relative to the last from the builder’s perspective (left/right, above/below, and in front/behind). Next week I’ll work on adding these orientations to the sentences I generate.

I’ve also made a new function to generate a position for the builder. A similar function already existed for this purpose, but I found that I needed to do more than it did. My function will always generate a position that is within a certain distance from the shape (right now set to 5 blocks), with a higher likelihood of being close to the shape, and that is looking at the shape.

In the future, I’ll need to make more sentence templates and figure out how to better organize them by shape.

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