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Week 8

I’ve made a few new additions to my program. First, it now generates 3d plots of the current world at every instruction (or after every block is added if it’s in debug mode). This has helped me double check that all my instructions are actually correct.

Another change I’ve made is that the builder can now ask questions if the architect gives an instruction with missing information. If no information is missing, there is still a chance the builder may say that they’re done.

The instructions now also include the direction the shape should be built in. This text is in the general format “extending/going right/left/toward/away from you.” If the shape is vertical, the direction text will also say that the shape extends “up.”

I have also further refined the orientation phrases. Now, if a shape starts on the ground, the orientation text won’t mention its distance in the y dimension from the last shape. This has helped reduce the amount of orientation phrases that are long and clunky.

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