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Sixth Week: Spreadsheets

This week I worked a little on the paper --- changing some wording, responding to comments, and adding some figures. I started working on a spreadsheet that will have all the raw data we gather from the surveys and the experimental tasks, as well as charts that explore the relationships among that data. Right now the data is all fake; it's only there so I can create and test formulas and charts. But the hope is that when we can actually run the experiment, the spreadsheet will be set up and the charts will be automatically filled. The spreadsheet has made me think more deeply about what kind of data we are gathering and how exactly we should measure it.

Unfortunately I still wasn't able to test the code I wrote. I set the RGB values that the robot was supposed to detect to the same ones it was claiming it was seeing, but it kept detecting shadows instead of the orange book. I might try buying some actual orange cones, but I'm skeptical that that will work at this point...

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