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Thirteenth Week: Finished Demo

Now that I found a ruler, I was able to figure out the conversion between real life and unity units more accurately. Apparently, 1 cm = 8.7 unity units? No idea why. But this made it much easier to create a demo with accurate scaling. I also set the positional y value to always be 0 in the desktop app, because there were issues with the camera clipping through the floor. Similarly, I had to set the x and z rotation to always be 0 as well. After these changes, the two apps seemed a lot more polished, and the field of view of the robot in the desktop app lined up pretty well with the field of view lines in the AR app! The next step is to work on a bigger example --- the dollhouse. I need to get measurements from the teammate who built it so I can make it digitally, and then I'll give her my code and see if she can run it.

I also started working on putting my fake data and charts into the paper (only temporarily!). I have been doing lots of formatting to see which charts should go where and how we should order the results in general.

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