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Twelfth Week: Refinement

This week I mostly worked on the two unity apps to create a simple demo where the real-life "robot" moves through a hallway and turns a corner, and the robot's perspective can be seen in the desktop app. I've figured out the coordinate conversion from real life/AR to the desktop app at a basic level, but I didn't have a ruler so it still isn't exactly right. I'll be working to make it more accurate next week. Another thing I added to the desktop app was the ability to switch between a first-person camera from the robot's perspective and an overhead camera. The first-person camera still needs to be stabilized a bit more, and maybe the overhead camera could be player-controlled. For the AR app, I added field of view lines coming out of the robot model that should match the field of view of the first person camera in the desktop app. More things could be added to the AR app, but we haven't decided yet whether we want to add them to the same app or make separate apps.

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