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Tenth and Eleventh Weeks: Success!

I forgot to update last week so I'm combining my updates into this one post. I actually got a lot done!

Tenth Week

I got the basic C# networking examples to work, so I knew my problems were more with my misunderstanding of Unity. All I had to do was put the networking code into a coroutine, and it worked! Mostly. The virtual robot on the computer app did move when the robot image marker moved in real life (like I wanted), but it also moved when the phone moved but the AR marker was still. The camera (phone) was set to be the world's center, which isn't what I wanted, but the setting which made a specific image target the center (which should've solved the problem) was very glitchy (robot on the computer would fly into the air and spin wildly...).

I also rewrote the methods section of the paper to align with our redesign of the study.

Eleventh Week

With how glitchy this app was, I thought maybe I should look into using a different AR package. The app I'm currently working on uses Vuforia, but in the past I had used ARCore, so I decided to look into its AugmentedImages example. Ultimately, ARCore seemed less adapted for our purposes in this study; it had trouble recognizing the image markers, I think because it is meant to detect larger images than what we wanted. So I went back to Vuforia and tried to debug the issue. The problem turned out to be that the image markers had been set as children of the ARCamera, which messed up their coordinates when one was set to the world center. This app is a collaboration, and both of us are newer to Unity and AR in general. I would've never even known there was an issue if I hadn't changed the world center mode, since it seemed to work fine with the camera as the center.

Concerning the trust study, I went back and reorganized the example data and charts I had created. I categorized them by experimental task and added a lot more charts.

For next week, I'm going to try to refine the two unity apps so that the scaling is more accurate. I might create a simple example where the "robot" can be moved through a hall with a turn. As for the other study, I'll add more charts that are related to the survey questions.

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